1. Hydrocoal

    When there was an region session about the searching ways for the surmounting the crisis unprofitable coalmining enterprises, with the special incendiary - Atrushkevich, the director "Hydrocoal" institute with a confidence presented his program. He said: “We created fundamentally new hydraulic technology and nontraditional technical equipment for our own production. All this is inculcated in two our experimental coalmines. The productivity here has achieved to 2-3 times higher than on the good “dry” coalmining enterprises with the coal prime cost which is much lower. We work without any state financing. I consider that with the new hydro-technology we have everything for the technical reequipping of any unprofitable coalmine that has sufficient reserves and this will not require more than 50 percent of means, intended down the closing coalmining enterprise”.

   “That's cool”! However, the supporters of the universal application the traditional technologies have distrust in their eyes. Clear, the inertial cargo of thinking is very hard to overcome and we have forgotten how to believe someone. Therefore it is worthwhile to comment the authenticity of the program, proposed by Atrushkevich.

   Where the essence of the scientific and industrial successes of the new hydro-technology and how have they been achieved? In past five years "Hydrocoal" has become a powerful  research and development enterprise. Moreover actually it lives by itself - without the kopeck of the centralized financing. In the institute they have met and draw about the side treaties - most talented, youngest and experienced workers of a science and production. There are more than 500 people, obsessed by a creative enthusiasm.

   You can see it by yourself that they have created and injected during these five years: the      heading-and-winning supporting- stepping machine HWSSMA-3M, the glass-plastic ball-and-screw counter, the system for the installation of steel- polymeric anchor bolting, the frontal cleaning assembly, the dehydration complex of a pulp and clarification process water, the crushing and screening machine, the installation of hydraulic drilling and so forth - everything is hard to name.

   The main problem has been solved: across the joint technologies, due to the synthesis of technological links, the fundamentally new hydro-technology has been created and there are also an original technical equipment for it, which can be produced using the machine-building base of Kuzbass. The essence of the new hydro-technology is that all processes, from the cut to the processing of coal and water clarification, are passed in the underground conditions. Enriched coal with the conditional humidity is put out the surface.

   The technical reequipping of unprofitable coalmining enterprises proposes to use step by step. They will reequip more unfortunate, but still working coalmining enterprises with the help of the new hydro-technology, because coal enjoys demand on the internal and outside market. Then, in proportion to accumulation of production and economic experience, it will be comprised the program, which determines the sequence of this reequipment for other coalmining enterprises.

   It seems that the new hydro-technology will show itself already in the near future.

   S. Zazakov, the doctor of technical science, the professor of the department of the development in the stratified layers, the academician of the academy of engineering RF.