2. “Anzherskaya-southern” is getting back. 

   In the present year it is going to introduce four additional similar coalmining districts in the closing coalmining enterprises.

   The construction of that mining district has been begun in the past September, when mining in the district were completely flooded. But today two electric power lines have been built and the new supporting- stepping machine SSMA-3 has been mounted also. During the using of this technology in the mining district it intends to obtain about 50 thousand tons of coal per month, or 600 thousand tons per year.

   In June a coalmining mechanical- hydraulic district of the “Anzherskaya- southern” coalminig enterprise will start to work.

   The way is developed by the "Hydrocoall' institute under the guidance of the doctor of technical science, A.A. Atrushkevich. It makes possible to work out the layers which are not suitable for the mining in the usual way.