8. Scientists' experiment – it’s possible to avoid drilling-and-blasting operations in coalmining enterprises.

    Scientists of all coalmining enterprises for a long time have been working on an exception problem of drilling-and-blasting operations in coalmines. One thing is well known- now it is unsuccessful. The problems of a production variant are perceived by production workers as unreal and virtually adventurous. Nevertheless, the command of scientists under the guidance of Atrushkevich O. successfully conduct in experimental coalmining enterprise «Anzhersky-southern« tests technological and technical decisions complex excluding necessity of the application drilling-and-blasting operations in coalmines. The importance of this problem in the creation of the safe conditions for a work was widely shined upon in the report at the All-kuzbass meeting by the chief of RMTI ( Russian mountain - technical inspection), the Dr.Sci.Tech., . Surkov A.V., and appealed that there was a statistical data of a traumatism.

   The basic, main entanglement to solve this problem consists of a necessity in developing a heading set of equipment to provide and carry out the mining with hard rocks, having water cut with a dip angle from +300 to-300. Water cut mining with a dip angle from +250 to+300. represents a special entanglement.

   The young scientist, d.t.s. Atrushkevich O. A. carries out his experiment in such a complicated variant .A heading-and-winning machine HWMA-3M (modernized) created by Atrushkevich with software-remote control is already widely known in Kuzbass. He also created the self-braking floor-rails, safe goods-passenger road which successfully worked.

   A new success of the scientist: a heading set of equipment created by Atrushkevich takes out a water cut of a day-eye. The hard rock of sandstone dehydrates and gives it out on the surface. Everything that scientist creates is extraordinary simple. It consists of special dehydrating reloader with the systems of telescopic supply and pumps with special suctions using the mechanical clearing, a special cutting crown with raised durability cutters and the set HWMA-3M . There is the whole set. The success will not come so easy. It is enough to tell, that scientists for many weeks live in a coalmine, in a combine which is specially equipped for these conditions. That equipment is confidentially developed, checked, tested, and operatively finished at the experimental factory's institute.

   Research-and-production complex is a correctly organized and scientifically-experimental work of prof. Atrushkevich A.A. powered by the governor and has allowed to survive without stated means. To create the technology which had no analogues in the world or maintenance means. In general prof. Atrushkevich A.A. has created the new level of scientific and technical progress in the coal industry taking into account the complicated mountain and geological conditions. This new technology and techniques allow to revive depressive coal areas.