12. The new scientific - technological level in the coalmining.

    Atrushkevich O. A's Dr.Sci.Tech.

   The world's scientific- technological level of the coalmining is based on the scouring output by mechanical complexes and mechanical preparation of the mine sections using crawler tunneling ma-chines. Weight-and-man supplying and mined rocks' transport are provided by belt and chain-and-flight conveyors, also by the single drum hoists with multilayers cable's stuffing. More than 30 years a technology and level's guarantee means have been working in the propitious mining condi-tions of flat seams.

   The coalmining solves the main coalmining's problems using scientific - technological level. In general a high performance and profitable work of coalmining enterprises is provided by canopy unbroken layer's mining and other layers with negative mining and geological conditions including cragged, rider and inclined still stays at the ineffective mining's level. In such a way in the context of Russian coalmining brunch there is a scientific- technological level which doesn’t provide an ef-fective mining more than 8 % known reserves propitious mining and geological conditions. The ex-isting scientific- technological level providing first workings is not answered to the level's efficiency of market environment. Just because there are not effective technologies and providing means relating to the complicated mining and geological conditions the result of it is a coalmining crisis which can make the situation more complicated. In such a way coal branches have to move about the new scientific- technological levels to avoid the crisis and for a developing .These levels will improve technical-and-economic indexes of the enterprises even in negative working conditions they are 2-3 times better than are functioning now.