13. Siberia wants, can Moscow?

    Regions and government try to find the understanding.  

   The arrival in Kemerovo the government delegation the day before yesterday was marked by extraordinary accident. A car left the airport later than the main column of cars in which was the deputy minister of the state property, the division head of this department, the deputy governor. The car fell in the car accident and as a result of which they all, including a driver were got to the hospital with the injuries of different heaviness degree. According to the doctor's evidence the deputy minister suffered much more than others, whose state was estimated as heavy.

   Nevertheless, in spite of the clearly joyless mood of the delegates of the interregional association " Siberian agreement” and the members of the government the work occurred clearly according to the planned graph during yesterday. After the placing of flowers in the chapel of the Madonna, established for the crumple about the killed miners, and after the acquaintances with the exposure of exhibition “The industry of Kuzbass” the first question was an examination the social and economic problems of the restructuring coal branch. Although, of course, this agenda's name is nominal. The discussion was about the fuel-energy complex not only in Siberia and in Russia also. Unconditionally, the presence of M. Primakov, the chairman of the government RF at the conference, G. Gustov, his deputy, V.Bulgak, G.Kulik, S. Generalov, the minister of fuel and power engineering , number of the first chiefs of other departments and their assistants, O. Sysuev, the first Deputy Head of the President's Administration RF , R. Vyahirev the chairman of the board joint stock company “Gazprom” , L. Chubais, the chairman of the government RAS “European Union of Russia” added to the conference the first in the present year serious internal political share's nature .

   Kuzbass governor, Aman Tuleev the first made a report where he first of all complained down the principle of the restructuring: “, here is usually if a maize then to the northern Arctic, if a restructuring then is the general closing of coalmining enterprises”. Although an experience of other countries shows that none of the industrially developed states, possessing other natural resources does not orient down to any kind of fuel, let us say, petroleum or newspaper moreover. Moreover in the USA, Germany, China, Australia there is occurring a systematic increasing in the coal production with the most interested participation of the state structures, which insert money beside this branch. And the decreasing of the production is still continuing in the former USSR. Kuzbass was different raised a volume of coal production in several percentages.

   Prime Minister broke lecturer and noted that already in the first half-year of branch, as it was promised it would be enumerated six billion rubles. It will get six more prior to the end of the year.

   A special acceptance Kuzbass governor made so-called “breakthrough" technologies, which could already be in the very near future to help in providing the energy-safety of Russia. There was intended the new way of hydro mining and the industrial production of methane. This work is initiated, and it requires the supplementary investments, which could justify themselves.

   Co-lecturer, Alexander Lebed, the governor of Krasnoyarsk territory , turning down the government, he said in his style: “Give us a fishing rod, and we will catch fish ourselves”. It was proposed to exercise the leadership of TEK in the structures of local authority.

   Anatoliy Chubais did not agree with it categorically, who assumed that to disrupt unified power system was unwise. He named perspective the creation of coal- energy companies to reduce expenditures and the interrelations of rowers and power engineers. We have already created such a kind 11 enterprises.

   He and Tuleev noted that the portion of the consumption of coal in the power engineering will continue to increase, although it is equal to almost 50 percent.

   “If we do not master Siberia and Far East, we will not be the Great Power”,- Eugene Primakov. The special accent was done down the inadmissibility of separatism, down the completeness of Russia in the present borders.

   He paid most of attention to the budget. He named it sufficiently fixed. The premier recalled that if can not succeed in agree about the restructuring of the foreign debt or the payment delays then we have to pay off 17, 5 billion dollars, which is equal to the profitable unit of the budget in 1999.

   About the exchange course of ruble. Eugene Primakova and his group consider that the true value of the dollar today much lower than which interbank bidding forms in the exchange. All this is going because of the psychological reasons (fear of an increase in the exchange dollar course), also, because of the nonacceptance the budget.

   It is also promised debt payment to army, to budgetary organizations. The prime minister noted that the problem of pension payments we could solve only toward the end half-years.

   Then participants of the interregional association “Siberian agreement” continued the conference, and the working meeting conducted with the members of the government of Russia and the leadership of Kemerovskaya territory at the closed doors , after which press conference took place .

   Eugene Primakov noted that the representative government delegation's staying in Kuzbass was not the first time dictated by extraordinary situations but it was dedicated by a desire to adjust interrelations with the regions taking into account their opinion, being based beyond a positive experience of cooperation to perform the further work about the economic redevelopment of Russia.

   The agreement was signed by the face of the governor and the prime minister. There discussed an essence of the stabilization of social and economic situation in Kuzbass by the transferring some control functions of coal branch to the region level o. In particular, the means from a sale of the federal blocks of shares of joint stock companies “South Kuzbass” and “Kuzbass cut- coal” will be changed to the additional financing about the creation of the safe working conditions in the coal branch of Kemerovskaya territory”, and the representatives of RF in the board of directors of these organizations will be appointed taking into account the recommendations of the Kuzbass governor .

Vladimir Maksimov.

Siberia wants, can Moscow?