14. He is enamoured by midnight stars light.

   Lyudmila Kovjakina

   It is a line from of dedication to “Hydro coal” general director, Arcady Anisimovich Atrushkevich.
   «Midnight stars» - most likely it is a poetic image of his mine’s dream, and an «enamouring light» - a hope embodiment that a contrary to all forecasts about dying of the coal industry that it will shy with a new force.
For idea we can go in a fire and even on an executioner's block …
   These scientists are surprising people. Since Kopernik's times if something has sat down in a head - you will not beat it out. For idea we can go in a fire and even on an executioner's block …
   Atrushkevich didn’t ascend to an executioner's block. However his way to success was a thorny. It tempered his character. At school he studied well. The mathematics was especially given. Already in the sixth grade he had done all jobs one after another for the seventh grade. He had to get a gold medal. But there was a small hitch: the talented pupil was not the Komsomol member. This reason didn’t allow him to receive a gold medal but it also didn’t let him to be accepted in the Yakuba Kolos mathematical school. A school was finished without attending lectures. In Komsomol he had entered armies because understood that a mind and a talent didn’t decide the destiny, and a party accessory.
   The idea about mini-coalmine he had been thinking for many years. He broke stereotypes, checked practice, proved, receded and waited his hour.
   The hydraulic way in coalmining was offered 40 years ago by professor Vladimir Semenovich Muchnik. Under the Muchnic idea the “Hydro coal” institute had been created. The idea of Muchnic was good, but sinned with a gigantomania and consequently, probably, had not received a development.
   It is necessary to tribute, Arcady Anisimovich with the big respect concerns the teacher: «Muchnic had been had a monument during his life. Even despite of his errors, this way of a hydro extraction was more economic and perspective, than traditional technologies». Under the Vladimir Semenovicha's project only in Kuzbass it has been constructed nine hydro coalmining enterprises. He also built in Canada, China... »
   A mine-giant is grandiose capital investments, years of building and only then return. To allow these grandiose buildings and grandiose expenses were possible only at socialism on the idea of all country when all country paid off for it worked. The coal branch always was subsidized...
   Atrushkevich went by his own way
40 years ago he has arrived from Belarus to Siberia under the Komsomol permit on Zapsib building. However the destiny has disposed in his own way. He worked and studied. He got a cutter profession; he arrived in a mountain technical school, simultaneously studied at the Siberian metallurgical institute.
He passed all steps from a cutter to the director of the “Yubileynaya” coalmining enterprise. He was the main power engineer in the "Hydrocoal" association. Miner's problems knew for sure. He accepted the thesis for a doctor's degree, received a rank of the professor, the academician. He kept his idea as in domestic and foreign  editions.
   He couldn’t always find an understanding.
   Ten years ago he headed the scientific research institute "Hydrocoal".
   «The owner has come», - they told in a collective.
   It was not the best time for a coal branch and for a science approaching. He didn’t be accepted by all people as the new head, there were adherents. He worked not checking hours.
Today the Atrushkevich’s technology is named as a revolutionary revolution in the coal industry.
   The idea to genius is a very simple
   The technology of a hydraulic coal mining offered by Atrushkevich to be genius is a very simple. It gives the chance to conduct building of coalmines and an extraction by small means. It is possible to master them and without state grants.
   It looks like a coalmine - the train with a railway platform which has all complete set of the equipment is loaded and is transported to any place where there are coal stocks. Locker rooms enter into a complex of mobile constructions, a washing branch, a dispatching office and other services, some offices for administrative personnel lamp.
   Such mine ensures functioning to 150 miners which can extract 600 thousand tons of coal per year.
   There is no necessity in lots of money to come into a place and to develop works. All complete set makes about 20 million rubles.
   Even it is easier if it is already closed coalmine. But there would be tracks, which excluded additional expenses on building of a traffic intersection, communications. Coal can be extracted directly after an installation of the equipment.
   Atrushkevich’s technique is entered by a red ribbon in the governor's program of Kuzbass coal branch’s revival . The state hasn’t money for miners. The building of new coalmining enterprises and a reconstruction are needed money again. Atrushkevich’s technique allows with small means to conduct coalmining and to solve social problems of miners.
   The “Southern” coalmining enterprise was built in Anzhero Sudzhensk during three months. Today it already gives out coal. It also has and other advantages.
   The experience of the “Hydro coal” institute was interested by scientists of the country. And based on it the presidium session of Kuzbass branch Academy of mountain sciences of Russia took a place. Leading experts of mining from Moscow, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo and our fellow countrymen were watching for the “Hydro coal” institute work. They visited laboratories, masterful, coalmines where were applied the new technology.
   They looked and opened eyes: a surprising is nearby.
   A regional level of the question about an introduction of the new technology in a practice of Kuzbass was solved.
   A philosophy of the scientific search. 
   Atrushkevich’s approach to difficult technological processes is simplified to the logic natural beginning. All technology is adjusted on using the decisions closest to the nature. It is a live, a spontaneous system.
   Let's try to explain. The mobile complex of Atrushkevich allows developing coalmining at the minimum expenses. If you have 20 million then go! In three months coal and circulating assets, accumulation of own capital will go. And there it is already possible to develop and expand till any sizes together with a social sphere.
   The technology of hydro extraction is based on a water. Water is used as a vehicle, but not only. It has forced to enrich coal. To see how it becomes we will look in faces.
   And here are Atrushkevnch’s-younger miracles begin.
...Oleg Arkadevich has bypassed his father on the big turns. But the father only is glad to it: his business proceeds, his business in reliable hands.
   Oleg Atrushkevncha's workings out also are simple and unique inherently.
The remote control car. It is a stepping-supporting heading-and-winning machine SSHWMА-3. The design with a remote control. There are no analogues in the world practice . The main advantage is an ability to pass mountain developments and to extract coal on deposits of the most abrupt occurrences of coal layers. It can do even 80 centimeters capacity. And it is actual for Kuzbass. For us it is especially a valuable power ¬ and coked coals lie in difficult mountain-geological conditions.
  The Atrushkevnch- younger’s technology excludes expensive operations in a system of extraction and allows to enrich coal directly in a face and to give out it to the surface already in the form of a ready concentrate. Also the problem simultaneously dares are sewn up environment. All processes of the enrichment, dehydration, water clarification occur under the earth, in the closed cycle.
  The new technology has good prospects. It allows to connect underground and opened coal mining.
  And the most important thing that all equipment is made on the experimental base of the “Hydro coal” institute or at machine-building factories of the area. It is impossible to overestimate this factor for Kuzbass depressive economy . These are workplaces to miners, to transport workers, to metallurgists, machine engineers.
...Ten years ago without money and support of the state Arkadii Anisimovich Atrushkevich decided to his own concept of the coal branch development.
He considerably changed the standard sights; he proved using practical ways that any coalmining enterprise can be transformed into the prospering enterprise. His system as a live organism develops and wins the vital space. Even on the fulfilled layers of closed mines.
  The Atrushkevich’s work is noted by the governor of area. Arcady Anisimovich is awarded by a sign «For the special contribution in Kuzbass development ».
With a reference to the institute which he heads, Atrushkevich’s system is an intelligence division , a careful relation to young talents, a creation of conditions for work at the expense of what the collective has survived and today successfully works.