15. It is extracted in a face, it is enriched in a face.

   Scientists of the "Hydro coal" institute make an experiment.

   The underground coal mining is a very difficult and an expensive process. That is well-known. If all technological chain add there - from coal mining in a face, to its enrichment in a factory and, at last, before a manufacture of a final product - coke. Besides mountain-geological conditions that have become complicated, the top layers in many places are already fulfilled, miners should go downwards or inside. In a word, an underground extraction becomes complicated technologically, and certainly, rises in price even more - before the coal lifting to the surface without grants it begins as an almost hopeless business.
   Unfortunately, the world practice doesn’t know other way yet. To tell more truly, it did not know. Because scientists of the "Hydro coal" institute of the Siberian state industrial university and the Moscow state mountain university have made an experiment that nobody made before them. They have completely excluded a land way of the enrichment and give out clean coal to coal mines.
   The new technology developed under the guidance of the professor, Dr.Sci.Tech, the academician RAIN Arcady Anisimovich Atrushkevich, provides essentially a new way that as all great is just simple, but is rather original. However, authors do not want to extend about it. But the written off layers of ready coal go straight to the coke batteries of the Kemerovo coke-chemical factory. Thus, the whole link including one of the most expensive expenses is completely excluded from a technological chain. Rock just stays underground. Both the ecology does not suffer, and expenses decrease.
   The firm "Fastokl" that also participates in the experiment; it has had time to put already to Kemerovo of 300 thousand tons of coal enriched in such a way. Coke-chemical workers notice, that the raw materials quite suit them, and they have no claims on quality. That is rightfully it is possible to tell, that experiment has appeared successful and that it has the big industrial value. Now the “Hydro coal” institute and many coal mining enterprises of Kuzbass with a regional administration’s support wish to offer an experiment in more difficult mountain-geological conditions. There is a preparation in “Krasnokamensky“, "Kiselevsky", "Western" and "Anzhersky" coal mining enterprises. And not only in coal mines. Works have begun in the "Kedrovsky" cut. It is pleasant, that cost of all scientifically-experimental works is compensated by the realization of a final product-coke. 
   It is necessary to tell thus about one novelty of the "Hydro coal", a working out of young scientists. It is a programmed-remote control panel of a machine HWMA-3. First of all, it provides the safety of drifting and clearing works where this machine is used. Secondly, it helps to reach the high efficiency of work in the new technology of coal mining developed under the guidance of the young scientist, Cand.Tech.Sci. Oleg Arkadevich Atrushkevich. It is considered even, that the novelty - is real possibility to look at coal mines of our area under a corner of their revival.

Michael Ershov.