17. Mini-coal-mine, "mole" and water.

   “Aizherskya-southern” coalmining enterprise where a field was cut on three blocks everything is ready to the beginning of coal mining from the first lava of a starting complex. The working commission has signed the certificate about its reception in the exploitation. There was created a skilled-experimental site «the Block № 2» which was registered as the legal person by founders — joint-stock companies "Kuzbass coal Company" and “Anzhero-Sudzhensk mine-building direction”. One of these days the license for mining operations will be received. And at once coal will go to the surface. Not so in passing from spadework, and from the clearing. Thus Kuzbass coal branch receives an additional source of a production arrival.
   The head of the subcontracting organization comments this event that one year ago has won a tender competition on a continuation of a mine- building by separate blocks, — the general director of “Anzhero-Sudzhensk subcontracting organization, I.I.TREGUBOV makes comments :
   The lava is cut, to tell the truth, is small — at the first stage it will give an order of 12 thousand tons of coal per month, but it is enough to fulfill unusual for our miners new technology — the mechanical-hydraulic way. It is developed in the "Hydro coal" institute. This technology is the safest because it provides the minimum people participation; it completely excludes a dust content of miner atmosphere. This technology is worthy the next century. Its author is the collective of scientific and practical experts headed by the academician A.A.Atrushkevich. The essence is elementary simple: the breast a face is collapsed by the unique heading-and-winning machine HWMA-3, and the coal weight under the big pressure of water on trays directs to the eserovsky (SR-70) conveyor with inserted sleeper sieves where it is dehydrated and further stands out to the surface. In the fulfilled space you only have time to establish an anchor timbering. A shift has only four persons (the machinist of a combine and three timbermans), not including several auxiliary workers. In such a way in Anzhersk anybody yet did not work. We, being pioneers, already on heading were convinced of all advantages. Nevertheless it is necessary to invite experts for the first changes from "Hydro coal" that they have taught our miners, especially to management of a roof.
   For the block № 2 we have got three machines HWMA-3, made by Novokuznetsk designers "Hydro coal" institute. Wonderful machines! It can walk, rise, draw layers of any capacity and steepness. The working body has a range of turn of 270 degrees, behind it almost all rows up, even below itself on 70 centimeters. We have combines without a programmed-remote control, but all the same they clear heads, hard workers which the world hasn’t seen yet.
   During the drifting developments Nikolay Poleva's brigade, working by such a machine has reached speeds about 280 meters and month at standard in 165! So there is a real possibility within a year to pass seven and a half of kilometers and to prepare clearing front on the block 1 where miners have threatened on the big lavas where they should take not less than 850 thousand tons of coal. And this is one and a half-two year of stable extraction. While there are passed only the first meters, we are preparing a technological chain, the assembly chamber, a place for a placing dewaters. According to the working conditions of three combines a passing extraction will make about 6 thousand tons. On the first block a layer capacity any more ones and a half, and till two meters, so technically possibilities for combines in general are the ideal.
   When we begin lava workings, we will pass to a following coal mine’s wing and we will prepare next is the same. In general, we are provided by work for about ten years and it is simultaneously extracted an order of 60 thousand tons of coal per month. It is a lot of it or a little? It is equally to the present extraction of the "Athlete" mine-building organization at its steady work. The plus is the second block. And the third. All it in total will replace the left “Sudjenskaya” coal mining enterprise.
   By the way, about the third block. Three and a half million tons of stocks the company "Kuzbass-coal" has given to the "Hydro coal". On the same technology there the clearing front prepares, where authors of the new technology will show how to extract coal in a modern way.
— And what is the further way to the consumer? — I ask Ivan Ivanovich. – You can’t take out such quantity of coal by cars.
— Yes. Today it is taken out on the access roads of “Pervomaiskaya” coalmining enterprise. Really, there is a question about a necessity of a restoration of a ten-kilometer branch line to connect to the basic highway where is an extraction from three blocks will be under 100 thousand tons per month, Even if it less, all the same it will not manage. We will do the road «to mind» and build a loader.
— On a surface complex as I know there is an unattractive picture: there were not possible to keep many buildings and constructions in that kind in what they were before, something is undeveloped. All of this — from the insufficient centralized financing, that has been decided to preserve and go another, Bremsbering's way. It is definitive?
— It is a pity, of course, that it was necessary to depart from the classical scheme, from a coal mine building under the basic project. To receive a normal coal mine, it is necessary to restore a surface complex and trunks. We have two complete sets of the equipment for their drifting— new, span-new; we also have a preserved matrix- betony blockage. Will be money — there will be also a mine. Ministry of Fuel and Energy has given only 12 instead of promised 38 million rubles.
— Once your management on the systems-installation works volume was one of large in a city. And now?
— Management was threatened with a bankruptcy. We were brought by two mine managements — "Athlete" and "Siberian" which have and do not give 20 million rubles. And that all would be normal, without debts under the salary, in budgets and funds. When we have won the tender auctions, a number has been about 48 persons, 18 watchmen were among them. But there were about 570. But we have kept technical officers. When we started to work in the coal mine, a number became about 375 persons. Now, because of the financing delays, we became a little bit less, but we have lived this year basically in a normal way. We assign our hopes to the re-structuring of debts. I will notice that you will not receive much from a coal realization that extracted in passing. If we pass 500 meters per month (I mean a stress on a site) and we receive 4 thousand tons of coal, by one hundred» to sell — will have 400 thousand. And we spend on one thousand for an each meter. Plus a people transportation , the electric power for water outflow. This difference should be financed.
   We build and an accommodation; objects of social value too. For the end of year we prepare much new homes. Like not such big objects, and volumes run the decent. 
Vladimir MAURIN, the correspondent of "Kuzbass".