18. Routes without the subsidy of coal production in Russia.

   Today there is the sharpest need for an increase in the coalmining volumes of particular coking coal marks. The underestimation of the coal branch significance in the past can negatively affect on the development practically all branches of national economy, and the traditional methods of the coal branch treatment will carry ritual nature and they cannot be effective, since the construction of new coalmines for the sake of traditional way cannot ensure even maintenance of the existing coal mining volumes in a view of the number of objective and subjective factors, namely:
   1. The sharp complication of the mining and geological conditions, connected with the depth of the underground final mining and an absence of technological and technical decisions adapting for these conditions.
   2. The ineffective transition of coal industry with the new conditions for market relations for the sake of the simulation of various private property forms.
   3.The faulty orientation with the final mining of complex Kuzbass coal layers for the ineffective utilization of the multi-expensive expensive complex-mechanized foreign technology without taking into the foreign account and domestic work experience by short faces with the limited investments and the obsolete mine fund.
   4. The reduction of means for the development of its own machine-building base to product provision means of the output technology adapted to the complex of mining and geological conditions of Kuzbass, and an orientation for the rearmament of coalmining enterprises by foreign equipment.
   5. The sharp reduction of means down the reconstruction and the technical reequipping of coalmining enterprises. It led down to the unprofitable, ineffective work and the subsequent liquidation of coalmines because of the reserves modification favorable for the long complex-mechanized faces.
   6. The long-standing demand absence of the newest domestic highly effective technology, technical and scientific developments, which do not coincide for the sake of a basic (faulty) trend in development of Minugleprom (Ministry of the Coal Industry) of the USSR.
   7.The imperfection of the labor organization forms, material and moral interest of works before an increase in the efficiency in the production, a sharp drop in the prestige of the mountain profession.
   8. The prolonged, persistent tendency to maintain the hard ineffective centralized forms of management besides enterprises in the fields that are unacceptable for the incipient market relations.
   9. The disagreement of a price policy between the main branches, which led down to the isolation of Kuzbass coal producers from the consumers. It takes place not only abroad, but also in Russia.
   10. The using of Kemerovskaya province as the raw addition of the Russian center and, correspondingly, the insufficient development of the technology of a deep treatment and coal using.
   As a result of the negative total effect according to these factors beyond the production process of coal mining enumerated above the coalmining technical and economic indices were sharply deteriorated. The work of coalmining enterprises was changed into the subsidy- consumer, crisis regime.
   The best capacity factors of the worker's labor in the coalmining output of Kuzbass do not exceed 120 t/man per month, but less than 20. The prime cost of the output on the majority of coalmining enterprises exceeds the price list and real prices.
   Thus, practically all Kuzbass coalmines on 01.12.98 are close to the actual bankruptcy, since they cannot work without state support. Specifically, such an endless state of affairs beyond the coalmines and the absence of the scientifically substantiated directions about their conclusion beside the profitable unsubsidized operating mode was used for the proof for a making decision about the liquidation of coalmines with all negative consequences, which take place today and easily forecast for the foreseeable future. Just the output reduction of the coking coal marks is already negative, destabilize affected on the work of coke-chemical and metallurgical productions and other branches of industry.
   The process of evacuation Kuzbass coalmining enterprises based on the unprofitable operating mode by overcoming the crisis in the coal branch can be done by the emergency introduction of the scientifically substantiated radical highly effective technical, technological and organizational decisions, widely approved due to the industrial conditions. Kuzbass has all of this.
   The scientists of the "Hydrocoal" institute (All-Union Scientific Research, Planning, and Design Institute of Hydraulic Coal Mining), Moscow state mountain university , Siberian state industrial university, Coal & Coal chemistry institute together with RAN [Russian Academy of Science] jointly with the progressively thinking chiefs of coalmining enterprises and cuts of Kemerovskaya province developed and tested all things that were necessary for the evacuation of the Kuzbass coal branch based on the crisis in the experimental coalmining enterprises, including:
   1. Highly productive briefly driving hydraulic technology and provision means. The production of them can be fixed on the Kuzbass machine-building base.
   2.Flow hydraulic technology of driving preparatory workings with the application of the supporting- stepping machine SSM -3 (heading-and-winning machine), the light forms of reliable temporary and constant without the ampoule anchor timbering.
   3.Technological scheme and an equipment for the underground coal enrichments , which ensure the closed underground water supply cycle , the dehydration of rock mass, the clarification process water and the output down coal concentrate to the surface .
   4. Crushing- distributing complex for the treatment and enrichment of rock mass in coalmines and in the cuts.
   5. Safe system of the dust removal of all technological team in the mining and workings.
   6. Effective system of cleaning mine headers.
   Based on the radical technological and technical decisions three experimental coalmining enterprises were built without the attraction federal dollars and worked in the unsubsidized regime. The technical and economic indices can be compared or higher than the indices of foreign enterprises.