The hydraulic technology of coal mining always had high ¬ technical and economic indicators in comparison with traditional (dry) coal output.
   However a wide implementation of the hydro extraction in the coal industry was interfered by negative sides, where the main things from were the high capital intensity, a power consumption, operational losses, a ¬ necessity of special concentrating (dehydrating¬) factories building and the sediment bowls aggravating ecological conditions, a high labour input and cost of coal dehydration of and a process water clarification.
   The highly effective, ecologically pure technology of coal mining that eliminates the lacks specified above....
   A technological process of coal output is rationally simplified, the hardware is provided with domestic factories of mountain mechanical engineering,¬ thus having excluded the gay expensive complex mechanization ¬ of the traditional technology.
   The specified technology in experimental coal mines of the “Hydro coal” has provided an achievement of labour productivity to 250-300 t/months for 1 worker at the cost price 65 rub/t and it has caused profitable un subsidized enterprise work.

  Last years the special importance at coal mining was got by two factors- an ecological cleanliness of the technology and its efficiency. Till now the mountain science and production workers did not manage to connect in a uniform technological link THESE dominating factors. That is why there is an intensive closing of mountain manufactures last years. Thus decades the universal scientifically-practical work on creation of the ecologically pure technology of coal mining was unsuccessfully conducted. For the first time in Kuzbass such a technology passes successfully tests for two experimental coal mines of the "Hydro coal" institute. According to workings out of Kuzbass scientists, ecologically pure, highly effective technology of coal mining is based on new technological and technical principles, namely:
  1.A coal mine supply enriched coal that doesn’t demand an additional processing at concentrating factories, i.e. coking coal goes direct appointment from a coal mine to the coke-chemical manufacture. The supply volume only from the "Highland-2 ' in the experiment process was about 300 thousand tons per year.
  2. The process of enrichment and a branch containing rock coal-cutting with stone is made in underground conditions at the short-wall mechanical-hydraulic technologies of coal mining and during the process water clarification.
   3. Driving minings and the¬ manufacture of clearing works is driving by the same heading-and-winning stepping-supporting machine with the programmed- remote control created by scientists of the “Hydro coal” institute under the guidance of Atrushkevich O. A.
  4. Coal transportation during the mining is provided by the gravity-flowing hydrotransport. Underground dehydration of coal is driving in a system of the closed underground cycle of technological water at delivery of the dehydrated coal to the surface by usual traditional means.
   5. Fastening of mountain developments is made by nonconventional anchors AGA with fastening on all the length of hardening structures with the set consolidation mix. Thus the length of an anchor support can reach 10 m and more.
  6. Inventory supports are used fiber-glass ball-screw racks IRA (an inventory rack of the professor A.A.Atrushkevich).
   7. The heating coal mine’s air is made by the system at the expense of the thermal heat use of hills with a complex ¬coordination of the neutralization system and coal removal and rock dust excluding traditional hot- air-boiler-houses complexes.
   8. The combined way of carrying out of biases, slopes, crossdrifts is provided with the hydraulic way using a cascade water delivery and a dehydration system.
   9. Quality assurance of coal and division on classes provide gravitational - slot-hole ¬ crushing-classifying section complexes.
   10. As the priority is the combined integrated and opened-underground way of coal mines building with an arrangement of a superficial technological complex of coal maintenance mining directly near to the collars of opening earnings from troughs.
   11. A preparation and driving of abrupt layers is provided by the mechanical-hydraulic way stage-by-stage, at full speed from a ventilating horizon with an exception of a field preparation and a possibility  of fires localization by flooding of the block by water with the subsequent unloading by coal pumps . Thus the driving of labour-consuming developments under coal, different to an occurrence layer’s corner (slopes) is completely excluded.
   As a whole the mechanical-hydraulic technology of coal mining and nonconventional means of maintenance developed by experts of the “Hydro coal” institute and also the monitoring system over processes guarantee the possibility of transfer any unprofitable coal mine having stocks of coal to an unsubsized highly effective operating mode. Thus the created technology easily adapts for the complicated mountain-geological conditions, to the stocks having geological infringements, not sustained on inclination corners, and with a difficult stratigraphy. The special importance is the wide angular scale (a=3-90 °) of driving layers by this technology, and also a sharp decrease in the initial capital expenses at the expense of a technological stage-by-stage coordination of driving and coal mines bating. Moreover, it excludes an application of the metal-consuming mechanized complexes in layer deposit driving, including a conveyor transport and a rail delivery of sections. I.e. the created mechanical-hydraulic short-wall technology of coal mining taking into account of underground enrichment and as underground clarification technologically waters it creates real conditions to restoration work of closed and closing coal mines in the various socially-strained regions. As a whole the technological scheme of a hydromine of the new level with an exception practically all former operating time in the hydrotechnology is defined visually by reduction or full exception extravagant parts of technological links. For example only underground enrichment reduces expenses more, than for 100 rubl. to a concentrate. Thus expenses on elements develop as follows:
   1. Loading and transportation to the factory-20rub
   2. Expenses of the enrichment process - 45 rub/t
   3. Minings decrease on 30 % - 35-40 rub/t Thus, the technological structure and a hardware of the new technology providing high technical and economic indicators that is a characterized by presence of the limited number of technological processes and it has defined its simplicity, a capital intensity and ecological cleanliness. This technology in the experimental coal mines of the “Hydro coal” has provided an achievement of a labour productivity 250-300 in the worker with cost price 65 ruble. /t