21. The person is underground. How to save his life!

   The history of development in the mining industry knows many tragedies connected with people’s health and life working under the earth. However, last years the situation has been starting to change. The mechanized complexes of the Jurgins machine-building factory are not enough to concede similar foreign technics.
   Unfortunately, the world science and practice has been developed technics and technologies basically for favorable mountain-geological conditions.
   Meanwhile only 20 percent of coal layers are located in the convenient cut conditions, and other part is concentrated in such layers which haven't reliable equipment nor advanced technology for the development. These conditions give to mining enterprises the base mass of accidents. It was possible to expect reductions in their quantity due to the closing some coalmines during the program of the coal branch restruction. Unfortunately it did not happen. A.V. Surkov, the head of Kuzbass administration in the Russian Federal Mining and Industrial said:
   - Unfortunately the level of traumatism and accidents doesn't reduced despite the fact that there are some coalmining enterprises her generally. Special warning causes the situation in Prokopyevsk-Kiselevsk area, where for example, 31 from 59 fatal cases during the last year in Kuzbass were fallen down in this area. The first half-year brought 24 fatal cases, and 11 of them happened in Prokopevsk and Kiselevsk. There were five methane blasts , and they all happened here.
   - Alexander Vasilyevich,we have to assume that tragedies are not accident?
   - Answer is obvious. The basic coal layers of the valuable coal brands which miners get in very difficult underground conditions have not an intelligent engineering and technology for this development.
   - Does any way exist for this situation?
   - The way exists. The scientists of the All-Russian scientific- research and engineering- designing institute of "Hydrocoal" under the guidance of general director and the doctor of technical science Arkady found it. The technology of scientists -hydro miners is already tested in some coalmines and it gave surprising results according the safety and the high productivity of labor and low prime cost of fuel. It is possible with the absolute assurance to say that today in the mining branch of Kuzbass, and in other coal regions of Russia there is no other way then to use the new hydraulic technology of the "Hydrocoal" scientists and thus not just to raise the extraction of the most valuable coal brands in unfavorable mining geological conditions and to essential decrease the fatal cases connected with methane and air, that is created the explosive situation.
   However, what is the technology? Let us to ask about it the general director of "Hydrocoal", A.A. Atrushkevich:
   - Alexander Vasilyevich is complete right, many experiments in the most unfavorable conditions showed the exceptional vitality of this technology- Arkady Anisimovich says. - Industrial experiences of the new method in developing steep and other difficult layers are going in the Anzherskaya-Southern experimental coalmining enterprise.
   - We say about the radical reduction tragedies in the coalmining enterprises. Tests confirm our intentions.
   - And more concrete?
   - The dangerous phenomenon in the mining space developed by the mechanized complex and in the operating manufactures is the coal dust. Connected with methane and air, that is created the explosive situation. Our technology makes it possible to completely localize the coal dust.
   The set of the working equipment, combines, strip and rake conveyers and other mechanisms also create potential danger in the subterranean space creates. The “Dry» way is impossible without any equipment. Our technology is just one machine. Less equipment - less danger - this is logical.
   There is one condition yet- the following underground coal dewatering. We will not raise any piece of rock down the surface; therefore there is no talking about the ecology and about injuries, accidents and tragedies in the coalmining enterprises.
   The main component in coalmining — a combine. It helps to organize a productive mining work, but it can become the reason of failures and accidents. Scientists of our institute have developed, the unique heading-and-winning machine named as HWMA-3. Oleg Atrushkevich, the young Dr.Sci.Tech. became the author of it. The inventor of this car has left traditional caterpillars. The machine passes any layers of any falling and any capacity.
An operator and his assistant control it. The combine's data during the industrial test are: 400 tons of coal down the worker per month with lowest prime cost in the region and the higher degree of the safety in the mining operations.
But the main thing is the potential possibilities of this machine, with the help of which it is possible to eliminate hole blasting in coalmines. Its stability makes it possible to drive coal and species of different sections workings and to get coal.
   I wish to underscore one additional condition of the safety. It's about the new means of the people and loads delivery to the faces. There a rope can be broken or truck's brakes can be rejected. We've created the transport system, which does not have railroad cars and rail ways. The trucks and the floor ways are put on the polyurethane resin were proposed instead of them. This material makes it possible to automatically stop truck at any descent, even if rope is broken. The new hydraulic technology of coal mining due to "mixerisation” of dust-methane-air environment and automatically high humidity keeping of air sharply reduces the possibility of professional diseases.
   - What problems about the advancing of your technics in Kuzbass coalmining enterprises?
   - I wish to notice, that the governor A. G.Tuleyev during the visit of the "Anzherskaya-southern" coalmining enterprise, named it «a breakthrough technology and a capable to recover depressive coal areas and to give the second life to the closed mines».
   The governor’s support, and the main experts of the branch in regional administration allows to say that this new technology has wide prospects. And not only in Kuzbass. We have met with heads of some coalmining enterprises as the Far East, the Rostov area, Moscow suburbs, Khakassia. They are going to apply it in their coalmining enterprises. It needs minimum capital investments for to build and our visitors could see it the “Anzherskaya-southern”coalmining enterprise. The minimum of mountain technics in faces is a maximum safety. These components have the right not only in a regional, but also in the state support.

Michael ERSHOV. Novokuznetsk