Scientists consider that it is possible to do. They dedicated many years to perfection of underground hydraulic coalmining technologies, - the director of Novokuznetsk “Hydro coal”, the professor, a Dr.Sci.Tech, academician RAIN Arcady Atrushkevnch, the academician Lev Puchkov, the academician Oleg Miheyev, the academician RAIN Victor Frjanov. Our fellow countryman Atrushkevich declares:
   - We can give the chance to rise up coalmining enterprises. For this purpose it is not required big money. Our last scientific operating time on the hydro technology in coalmining has an absolutely new technological level. The patented inventions of our Novokuznetsk scientists are put in it; they can make a real miracle –to deduce an unprofitable coalmine in the profitable.
   Coalmining enterprises have birth dates, terms of an uneasy industrial life and a dying time. However during the radical reforms coalmines are started to destroy before terms.
   The state bodies prefer don’t see unprofitable mines in an emphasis, hold process of their closing on the super hungry monetary ration. Many of the coalmining enterprises are city-forming. If a coalmine has a fever then it shakes all in a working settlement. The coal-mining enterprise perishes the settlement-dies out. The literary classic was hundredfold the rights, declaring: «This bell calls and for you also».
   Almost all coalmining enterprises have in full growth sacramental questions: «What to do? Where is an exit?». The easier way is to lose heart and to wait, where will take out. Sometimes it can be lucky: enterprising people "will tidy up" for nothing the equipment, modernize an extraction, will accept much less, than has been occupied before workers, and will start to swing cheap coal. 
   Some, being rescued, will rush to search for investors, including foreign. To find the money holders ready to fork up to begin, then to receive profit as the leader spoke was very hard. But, when you put a head into a strange collar, it is necessary to remember a banal thing that a free cheese does not happen. Forgetfulness is on hearing. For example there is a leaving of the “Kuznetsk” coalmining enterprise with collective blessing and under overseas owners.Today the "Kuznetsk" practically is not present. Workers staying without work and money try to defend the rights: to belt out and don’t belt out. This case is an extreme of course but try to name coalminers which would count on another's uncle and by that have prolonged a life of the enterprise.
   There is another way to survive –this is a research of internal reserves, an introduction of the new technologies in coalmining. This way is the most difficult. Going on it alleyways demands clever leaders and the consent collective. A mountain science is ready to give a compass for those who selected this difficult way. The most interesting thing is that it has been here, near by, in Novokuznetsk “Hydro coal”. In mass-media it was already informed about their “child” - the new hydro clearing of railway cars at the Terentevskaya station. Oleg Smertin, the representative of the customer, the general director of the “Kuzbassinvestcoal” very highly appreciated this unique object .
   “Hydro coal ”collective of scientists, the Moscow Mountain - geological university, the Siberian mountain-metallurgical academy have developed a unique complex of new technical decisions for an underground hydraulic coalmining. It was managed to achieve with a full absence of budgetary funds on scientific researches. It is possible to look drawings and laboratory installations. Much more interesting is an already operating technology in experimental coalmines of the institute where it is possible to see, touch personally, the “child” of the scientists which has absorbed last achievements of a scientific thought. Modular hydro sites operate in coalmines № 5-6, «Highland», cuts "Listvjansky", “Kedrovsky”.
   In this technology is only used a heading stepping-supporting machine which steadily moves and conducts dredging in inclined developments. The hydro-technology of a new technological level is very economical in the electric power. Low power consumption means the low coal cost price. A big plus is a simple service of this technology; it does not demand high qualification of miners. Novokuznetsk fixers have put in their technical decisions layer’s workings offered by them in the hydromechanized way, often unique ways. Many of it has patents.
   Fastenings of developments with the help glass-fiber racks and the use of special fastening structures are original; ways and means of a pulp dehydration and a process water clarification which are used again in the closed cycle of water supply are original too.
   A complex of crushing, sorting and coal enrichment to concentrate cleanliness has no analogs. 
Such a technology allows to take coal very easy that is in a habitual extraction is doomed to be thrown. We leave a pas very low cost price - in 50-70 thousand rubles for ton summarizing an economic benefit of decrease in expenditures of a labour, a reduction of quantity consumed kilowatt-hours of the electric power, a zone decrease, rating increases...
   Likely, there is no need in detail to argue that receiving profit you can easy organize the further modernization of a manufacture, guaranteeing an enterprise survival in the most difficult economic scrapes.
All technological chain is constructed for three - six months. It is checked already up. On a building of one hydro site it is required to 6-10 billion rubles (sometimes and less). It can give from 200 to 400 thousand tons of coal per year.
   Pertinently to show just some heads opinions personally convinced of an efficiency of the new hydro extraction.
The director of thee “Karagajlinsky“ coalmining enterprise», Ivan Shatiloe:
   - Our mine is a subject to closing, After studying of the new hydro-extraction technology by us it is ashamed offers in the coalmine modernization. During the 10-15 years mining of the coal stocks we will keep a possibility to a normal life of our workers which live in the Karagajla settlement where there are no other workplaces, and a creation of the new will demand the big public funds.
   The director of the “Krasnokamenskaya” coalmining enterprise, Victor Kiselyov:
   - For working out of powerful layers on sites of anticlinal folds now there is no an effective technology. Scientists have suggested us to test a variant of the hydro-mechanical dredging, developed by them that is direct for our conditions. The Institute offers not simply ideas, and takes up all difficulties of an introduction and hands over ready operating extraction site, equipped with all necessary equipment. The Scientific and technical help, in essence, represents investment of the coalmine that is doomed to bankruptcy without the new technology.
   The head is known to all coal Kuzbass, the professor, Dr.Sci.Tech, academician Vladlen Jalevsky:
   - That what I have seen in the experimental ”Hydrocoal” coalmining enterprise is essentially a new word in the underground ¬ coal output. With application of these workings many coalmines under the certain conditions will receive the second breath. It is necessary to coordinate efforts of coal miners, to help them re-equip coalmines with the new technology. It is necessary to convince only a management of the coal enterprises that is not behind the distant seas, and nearby; there is a unique technical decision and positive experience of coalmining by hydraulic way.
   Rolling grasps at a straw, in our case there is a possibility to grasp the modern liner. Hey, coal generals!

Valery Plushev.