23. Wheelless cargo-man delivery systems in the coalmines.

   New scientific and technical level the cargo-man delivery in coalmines. 2.

   It is widely-known that the effective work of each technological link in the coalmining technology directly depends on the reliable and safe work of the delivery means, the wide range of different means and systems of cargo-man delivery are created and used in the world practice. However, the increased mechanization's degree of a purification and preparatory works requires the more advanced, simple and reliable systems by instead of traditional wheel- rail that have a base consisting of the cargoes systems holding power with the descent and the devices of dynamic braking with the emergency velocities. The existing traditional braking systems are not provided for the sake of the constant inspection of an actuating mechanism, which reduces security level and gives rise to the high traumatism during the cargo-man delivery. Even in the newest transport systems of the world's level there is not excluded the need for emergency velocities to make a braking system is functioning, but its efficiency is controlled only periodically. Consequently, the problem of a development and a production of the more advanced delivering means is most immediate and topical. In this case there are necessary fundamentally new concepts, new integral approaches to the decision about the building of the highly effective, safe and reliable delivery means. Specifically, such radical concepts compose the scientific base of the "Hydro-coal" institute's work according to the solution of the problem about the reliable means for the new level cargo-man delivery. However, the scientists of these scientific experimental complexes headed by Atrushkevich O.A., the young scientist, Doctor of Technical Sciences created the systems cargo-man delivery systems of different designation with the fixed contact of braking elements, and attacks with the changed direction of the affecting forces down the cargo- man trucks.  

   Traditional braking system. Constant braking system.

Wheelless cargo-man delivery systems in the coalmines

   Another, even more significant special feature of the created cargo-man floor roads “CMRA - 1” (road cargo-man by Atrushkevich) is a line with the guiding groove, which excludes an output of cargo-man trucks based on the fixture, ensuring in this case the prescribed curvature. Moreover, the width of a road can vary over wide limits from 0,4m to 2m, providing thus the possibility to combine delivery means with the transport conveyers that reduces the labor consumption for servicing transport means. The significance of this scientific and technical development is not limited just the solution of the problem about the cargo-man delivery, since it makes it possible in the root to change the whole technological process of driving basic and auxiliary mine workings, excluding in this case the conveyor transport, starting equipment, installation works to provide a sharp reduction in labor expenses and prime cost of the carrying out of one linear meter manufacture. In this time the rates of workings are increased more than two times due to the guarantee an operational effectiveness of delivery and flexibly lamellar transportation of rock mass. In more detail, the engineering and technical guarantee of non conveyor technology of driving workings is stated in the normative documents of the "Hydro- coal" institute connecting with the nontraditional mechanical-hydraulic coalmining technology by Atrushkevich A .A. with the underground dehydration and the underground enrichment.  
   However, the main significance of cargo-man road “CMRA-1” consists of the possibility guarantee of changing the structure in the underground systems of mine workings, having sharply reduced their quantity and extent in combination with the fundamentally new mechanical-hydraulic technology of coal production.  
   Thus, the works by Atrushkevich A.A. and his associates, published in the “COAL" periodical in combination with this work it is given rise to not only the new highly effective concepts of coal production, but also it is determined the following stage of the integration the open and underground ways in coalmining with a change in the main principles of the building coalmining enterprises and complexes. But the most important is the created technology, which eliminates the efficiency dependence of coalmining enterprises beyond the mining and geological conditions.