24. Where is the better way for the coal extraction?

   Arcady Anisimovich Atrushkevich, was born in Belarus. In 1960 has arrived under the Komsomol permit on the Zapsib building. In 1961 has ended a technical college on a speciality cutter. In 1962 has arrived in Bajdaevsky mountain technical school, simultaneously studied at the Siberian metallurgical INSTITUTE. In 1968 received the diploma of the mountain engineer-electromecanics. Since 1968 — the cutter, the mechanic, the mountain master, the mechanic, the deputy chief of a site, the senior mechanic of the “Bajdaevsky biases” coalmining enterprise. Since 1976 —the main power engineer in a production association "Hydrocoal". Since 1980 — the director «Yubileinaya” mine. Since 1985 — the chief of special design bureau factory" Hydromash ". Since 1989 - the general director of the VNIIGIDRO-COAL institute. The inventor. Has a number of articles and monographies in domestic and foreign scientific editions. A Dr.Sci.Tech. The professor. The academician.

   The All-Russia research and design institute ¬ of coal mining — “Hydrocoal” has been created in the hydraulic way 40 years ago. In the beginning were scientists headed by a Dr.Sci.Tech, professor Vladimir Semenovich Muchnik. They also became founders of the theory and a practice of a hydraulic coal mining. However the method developed by them has not found a wide scope in the coal branch of the country, it has not been apprehended by miners at that level how scientists counted. Muchnik’s technology had large lacks which had prevented it development and the further advancement. But the hydraulic technology is not forgotten, not thrown, at the All-Russia research and design institute other, the absolutely new technology of a hydraulic coal mining is developed. The director of institute, a Dr.Sci.Tech, professor Arcady Anisimovich Atrushkevich became the author of it. In comparison with the old professor Muchnik’s technology the new one was absolutely other destiny. Miners haven’t only approved it, but it has been starting to apply widely in Kuzbass, Khakassia, other regions of Russia and other countries.
   The scientific countries are interested in the new technology. In one of these days in the “Hydro coal» institute a presidium session of Kuzbass branch in the Academy of mountain sciences of Russian Federation took a place. Leading experts — theorists of mining from Moscow, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk have visited laboratories, masterful institute’s workshops, they have visited coalmines and have got acquainted with conditions in which the new technology is applied. And in a technical council under the guidance of the first assistant to governor Valentine Petrovich Mazikin it has been considered the further introduction prospects of the new technology in the most difficult economic and social aspects areas.
   Our correspondent Michael ERSHOV has met academician Atrushkevich and has asked to tell it more in detail about this working out.
- It would be desirable to characterize in a brief in the beginning coal branch of Kuzbass today. There are still a lot of problems. They are connected by that new building and a reconstruction of old mines lag behind. There are no means for it. Besides, in the majority of Kuzbass coal areas and so unsuccessful mountain-geological conditions it continue to worsen. The new technics is necessary for a coal dredging there. And money again.The new hydraulic technology in coalmining meanwhile developed by our institute can solve not only problems of new coalmining enterprises building without serious consequences, acquisitions modern heading-mining technicians and other equipment, but also we will tell, the same now is a very sharp question about a maintenance of miners additional workplaces.
- What is the technology solving such complex of miner's problems?
- We take building. To put in pawn today and to construct the large enterprise for an underground coal mining, as i’ve already spoken, it was very difficult, at the state of such means while was not present. It would be possible to address to rich investors, but they, as a rule, just can count money. While you will construct such a coalmine, you’ll equip it with modern technics, you will extract coal, there will pass a lot of time. And monetary contributions demands fast return. A special hope of investors too it is not necessary to assign. Where is an exit? There is such an exit. The new hydraulic technology gives a possibility for a mine and coalmining buildings by small means which can master the enterprises without the state grant. If to be short such a coalmining enterprise consists of a complex of mobile constructions : a lamp room, a pure and working clothes room, a washing room, a dispatching office, an elegant, a garage and some studies for administrative personnel. They can ensure functioning of 150 miners, capable to extract about 600 thousand tons of coal per year.
   It is on a surface, and what is about a face? The face is provided by a stepping-supporting heading-and-winning machine SSHWMA-3 designed by Oleg Atrushkevich, the young scientist, a Doc.Sci. Tech. The car developed with a remote control has no analogues in a world practice. The main advantage of this machine is an ability to pass mountain developments, and to extract coal. And the car does last operation on deposits of the most abrupt burials and capacities even in 80 centimeters. This combine’s possibility was noted especially by me. The majority of valuable power coked coals in Kuzbass lies in difficult mountain-geological conditions, they of abrupt falling, and the special technics and technology for their working out till now has not been thought up. Our technology not only allows to take such coals, it but excludes a set of very expensive links in extraction. There is no necessity in clearing complexes, conveyor transport, sinking the caterpillar technics, rail delivery. One of unique possibilities of the new technology is that it allows to enrich coal directly in a face and to give out it to the surface already as a concentrate. Over 400 thousand tons of such a production we have put on Kemerovo factory "Coke" and have not received any claim for quality. The problem of the environment protection dares simultaneously. Imagine, that all processes of the enrichment, dehydration, water clarification occur under the earth as a closed cycle. And it means, that environment does not become soiled in millions tons of dead rock. This technology contains prospect of closer, compact connection of two technologies — underground and coal open-pit mining where advantages of one are used and another lacks are eliminated. Institutes of Moscow, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk, other cities of the country work o these questions.
   A prominent feature of the new technology is completely based on a machine-building base in the Kemerovo area. Just see. Everything in a coalmine, - from anchor fastenings, heading, clearing,supply technicians and other equipment necessary for coal mining — deliver factories ¬ of mountain mechanical engineering of Kuzbass. The importance of this condition is difficult for an overestimating. The new technology provides not only profile workplaces to miners, but also transport to builders. In a word, one profile miner's workplace provides eight workplaces of other trades.
   We create a special underground laboratory — Joint-Stock Company "Fastokl" that is possible to name a research-and-production complex on working out new technologies and maintenance means. Such a scientifically-organizational structure has allowed us to create a full arsenal of means of a new hydraulic coal mining in the shortest terms.
— The new hydraulic technology in coalmining is possible to consider an ideal. It is necessary to learn what economic indicators it is possible to achieve with it?
— It needs no more half a year on mine building leaves, and even less. The volume of capital investments is too low — it does not exceed 24-40 million rubles. A labour productivity can be finished from 250 to 500 tons on the worker per month at the cost price of only 60 rubles. Any area coalmine cannot achieve such indicators, and at our enterprises they have been already reached.
— In what ¬ mines it was reached?
— This technology is approved in coalmines “Highland-1“, “Highland-2”, "Kiselevskaya", "Anzherskaya-southern", "Krasnokamenskaya", "Kedrovskaya", "Polosuhinskaya", "Esaulskaya". And the indicators specified above are reached on mines completely working on this technology — «Highland  - 1». «Highland-2». We build new coalmines. Among them the "Anzhersky-experimental" — the block №3, the "Anzhersky-southern" — the block №1. And in plans — building of such mines in the Far East.
 — What do you see in the future for your technology?
— The main task today —a volume increasing in coal mining, and any way, and by means of the newest breakthrough technologies. Such a technology the first in Russia was developed by scientists of the”Hydro coal” institute, the superiority palm tree belongs to scientists of Kuzbass. These are the technologies, meeting the modern requirements of scientifically - technical progress. The first steps have been made for the mountain enterprises according to it. The nowadays requirement without the further development of the coal industry in Kuzbass or it is impossible, or will be difficult. In the new hydraulic technology all is put in: financial possibilities of the state and the enterprises, and a modern scientific and technical level, both mountain-geological conditions, and social circumstances in especially depressive areas, and all of them dare in a positive aspect. So the future of a hydraulic coalmining has begun already today, and it is assured but in the life it will walk widely and freely.
— Arcady Anisimovich and if we glance in a prospect hardly further, does something follow the new technology of a hydraulic coalmining?
— Yes, our scientists do not sit without business. Now they conduct working out a deserted mechanical-hydraulic plough coal dredging. I believe, that the next five-six months we will already have the experimental sample of a complex of the equipment for this technology.
   We needed to learn only an opinion of scientists and experts to put a definitive end over, whether has the right to the life of the new technology that was born by mind and a talent of the Dr.Sci.Tech., professor Atrushkevich and ¬ commands of scientists headed by him in the “Hydro coal” institute. The director of Institute of coal and Coal chemistry the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a corresponding member Gennady Ignatevich Gritsko tells, that this working out in a root changes. All developed sights at a hydraulic coal mining is an absolutely new ¬approach to business and it not only in Kuzbass, but it will also all over the country find the hottest supporters.
   That it really so, it is confirmed also with words of the chief engineer of mine “Kiselevskaya“ coalmining enterprise, Sergey Sherin.
— I would not like to prove what has already been proved, — he tells. — We in a practice of the mine that is convinced. The fastest exit of coal branch from a crisis is only in a new hydraulic technology of coalmining.
   If scientists and miners speak about then it is so. Good luck, new technology!